Shifts in Time 3 : Are you a Superhero?

Science Fiction

I have changed the cover for Shifts In Time 3: Are you a Superhero.
I am planning to put all 3 books currently published in audiobook format soon.

Shifts in Time 3: Are You a Superhero – Released on  2017 : She has vampire teeth, she is an alien hybrid, half human, half alien. This alien shapeshifter is trapped on Earth for 100 years as a test to discover if she is good or evil. Alone and powerful Cassandra is fighting to survive.

Sought after by Phantom Force, a rogue government agency that wants to capture her and the Mantis, a ship that can travel through time.

Shifts in Time 3 is the best of this series as it completely spins the reader with well-developed characters and an original story with an advanced unique premise.