I cannot wait to get my foxy paws on book 4. All three to date have been an absolute pleasure to edit… excellent word crafting and tale weaving, superb characters, amazing scene setting.

Rachel Bell
Heggerwood-Realms, Copy & Story Editing / Publishing Services

“The complexity of your characters and your timelines would cause many writers the unfortunate mishap of error and confusion; you master it with aplomb and style.”

Rachel Bell
Heggerwood-Realms, Copy & Story Editing / Publishing Services



Read all 3 in Paperback – Love the story, and the characters.testimonial_dee_2
Wow – breathtaking. The action moves the story at a fast pace. Book 2 is my favorite because it continues with the same characters. Cassandra is the character I love the most and understand why book 3 is based on her. I can see this series as a movie. Hoping a big studio finds this author for I can watch it all again. Waiting for book 4 cause I am hooked!

5/5   Dee from Hamilton, Canada.

Shifts in Time 1  The Escape

I loved this book. science fiction/thriller type books are sometimes lacking in plot and believability. I have to say that this was one of the most INTELLIGENT books I have read in a long time.

5 out of 5     Alain Gagnon  Ottawa, Canada

Shifts in Time is an exhilarating read! The characters drive the storyline forward at an incredible speed. Very impressed- excited to find a great sci-fi series to read!!!

5 out of 5     George Sabbagh, Canada


Shifts in Time 2  The Offspring

There are elements of sheer brilliance. I love your writing style and your storysuperb! (Shifts in Time 2: The Offspring)
Rachel Bell
Heggerwood-Realms, Copy & Story Editing / Publishing Services


Shifts in Time 3  Are You A Superhero

I was given the opportunity to read ‘Are You A Superhero’ when it was a work in progress. I personally met the author and because of my military background was given a draft to peruse and give feedback. Shifts in Time 3 is a solid read with original and advanced premises that forced you to think. It is stuff that you have never seen before. Love the reset of the main character – hoping the release of the fourth book will also be in 2017. Excited to continue.

5 out of 5     Steve Weliver    North Carolina

Brilliant writing. Sad to reach the end. Read this book twice. Definitely buying the next one. Many characters – loved it and I must admit, I don’t normally read sci-fi.

5 out of 5 Bronwyn Lincoln   New Zealand