Amazon Royalties

Understanding what you will make is important. Math can give you different results depending on the order you do calculations, so I want you to see how royalties are calculated with Amazon.

For Shifts in Time 2, I sell the paperback at $9.25 and printing costs are $4.35. These are the real numbers and I accept that I have no control over the formula, I just am happy that my books are available, and this is how royalties work.

I chose a 60% royalty (60% of $9.25) less (printing costs $4.35)

Estimated Royalty  ($5.55) – ($4.35) = $1.20

*** applicable taxes and withholding depends on the country of purchase.

So, yes the struggle is real, but keep writing and share your creative mind in print and on e-publications.


Understanding profit
The book sells for $9.25
Costs $4.35

Profit is $4.90
Author $1.20  (approx. 25%)
Amazon $3.70 (approx. 75%)

Amazon has a strong business model and are available for your questions.