About the author

6Published on Amazon, with paperback editions available on the US version, Amazon.com. Now also available on Kobo. Ray Smith is a single father, submersed Canadian best-selling author, Carleton University educated, an ex-military officer, entrepreneur and real estate and advertising guru. He has submerged himself in Internet businesses including writing. A firm believer in fitness and living life to its fullest, Ray loves to travel and works out five days a week on his body and seven days a week on his mind.

Ray Smith is a Canadian best-selling author who is inspired by grandmasters such as Tom Clancy, Sidney Sheldon, and Arthur C. Clarke. Discovering his forte in science fiction, Ray Smith hits light speed with alien adventure and world espionage. Shifts in Time goes beyond James Bond™, X-Files™, and Star Trek™ in a sci-fi saga that enters the fourth dimension.

Shifts in Time is a series of titles of stand-alone novels. They will continue to be available online as they are completed.

1. Shifts in Time 1: The Escape
2. Shifts in Time 2: The Offspring
3. Shifts in Time 3: Are you a Superhero?
4. Shifts in Time 4: Marcus  (Released date Nov 2019)

The first three are available on Amazon Kindle and the 4th will be released in 2018.
To contact the author email: toptenadvertising@gmail.com

“As an author, I enjoy creating story ideas, to brainstorm and then, make them a reality. I travel so I bring my iPad everywhere I go and my novels have become my passion. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am very excited about the third novel in this series. It is my best work ever. I have always wanted to create or invent a superhero and it happened naturally in this series as if it wrote itself.



I have a diverse background which helps as I build each character. My daughter in the photo with me above (wearing glasses), and my father (above)  are inspirations for me to continue with this sci-fi series. Shifts in Time has many twists and possibilities, I hope to have you on the edge of your seats.


Always exercise your mind.