As an author, I have published 3 books on Amazon and a few before in print, and the next step is audiobooks. If I was an American, it seems to be easier so as a Canadian, I am gathering info.

First of all, there are many websites that advertise audiobook creation is some way. seems to offer a cross-border solution and their how-to page

Get Started.

The rights holder (that’s you!) comes to us with a completed audiobook and registers for a Rights Holder account.


You indicate which of our retailer and distributor partners you’d like to sell your audiobook through, and fill out a form with all of the information those distributors need in order to sell your book.

Project Kickoff.

You submit the book to us, and we check to make sure it meets minimum standards. If there’s a problem with your files or metadata, we’ll let you know.


Your book will be reviewed by the distributors you’ve requested and, if accepted, will soon become available for sale. Depending on the distributor, this can be as quickly as 5 business days or as long as 60.

The Result.

The money starts rolling in! You’ll receive 70% of what your audiobook earns across over 30 channels, including all major distributors such as Audible,, and iTunes. You’ll receive a sales report aggregating the sales data provided by all our distributors and a deposit once every month via PayPal